Rajesh Kannan KC2KBY/VU2OW

Dec 7, 2017

Today, I am presenting you amazing 3D view of the puchandi storm. If you have the red and blue glasses, click th image to its full size and view the image with red color over the left eye and blue over the right.
Fat boy now seems to be interested in us - extending his hand - to feel and judge where to go but our land is as cold as our hearts - no concern for nature. Hope he doesnt age too much and give up. 
about 3d - send your comments to smtncrc at gmaili doti comi (remove the i)

Update 9:30 AM

The thermal image on the right shows how the storm is extending into Land slightly and where. The purple ones are the fringes of the storm with cloud top temperature -40 to -30. Low clouds. This is a dome shaped system as you would have seen in the 3D image.
Dec 6, 2017
9:15 PM

The big boy is just showing 


He may go anywhere. I am not ready yet to declare the season is over. Let us hang in there. This "lip cracking" cold we have now in Chennai is an indicator for curtains....but I would wait for few more days.

Dec 6, 2017
7:53 AM

This is a morning image (mostly visual details - what the satellite saw with its visual camera). Sun is shining from the east. OKI is now a dead storm, just a patch of cloud stretching all th way up to New Delhi. There may be some rains. The Bay of Bengal storm, as I suspected, is not going to be beneficial for Chennai - it appears to slightly move north. At present there is no threat too here in TN. Will track and post.
Dec 5, 2017
9:30 PM

Apologies for th bad picture. My antenna is acting up. White lines are loss of signal from the satellite - could it be the satellite that is acting up? Possible. It is an ageing Russian satellite called Meteor M-2.
OKI cyclone is now fully into Gujarat and Bombay in weak state.
In Bay of Bengal, the storm is slowly closing in. At this time, we can say, rains are possible in 1-2 days. Intensity cannot be predicted accurately now. I will be able to tell you in further updates.
Dec 4, 2017

வருது வருது புயல் வருது குடை கொண்டுவா. Folks of Chennai and entire east coast can sing that for now but it will be a day or two. I dont expect this system to be violent at all at this time... I will be able to say more in coming satellite passes.  OKI is now entering Gujarat in a weak form but still there may be considerable rain.

Dec 4, 2017
8:45 AM

Clear weather over Tamil Nadu expected. The system in Bay is to be watched for movement. Appears to move directly west over Srilanka and South (tip) India. It has lot of content. if it moves in, it should give widespread rainfall over entire TN, but it will be a day or two. This image does not show the storm in Arabian Sea as the satellite did not cover that area in this pass but chances are that it will cross over Gujarat in a day.
Dec 3, 2017
7:42 PM

Folks in Chennai, water your plants.
Fairly calm weather will prevail over entire Tamil Nadu. The cyclone is slowly moving North, it will be interesting to see if it picks up speed and goes to Bombay or Gujarat.
Dec 2, 2017
9:15 AM

On the right, is a high resolution image from the Russian Meteor-M2 satellite. Ogi's effect is wearing off on India. There is still possiblity of rain in the southern tip for a day. Clear weather over Chennai for now with possiblities of more rain this evening and night.
Dec 1. 2017
3:00 PM

The storm near Kerala has relented a bit and is staying away from the land. They should have some relief. Chennai and Pondicherry will remain cloudy with intermittent spells of low - moderate intensity and occasionally heavy rains. Next update is at 9:30 PM.
Dec 1, 2017
6:30 AM

The storm is stay put slightly to the west of Kerala or perhaps moved just a little bit to west. Has weakened a bit now. Rains will continue in Kerala obviously and in Theni Bodi Cumbum Madurai distristicts and south.

At Chennai, It will be mostly clear and even sunny at times today, with spells of rain in between during the day and with possiblity of heavy rains in the evening/night.
Nov 30, 2017
3:45 PM

A devastating storm system now, appears to be put up there and slightly move westwards from yesterday. We have to wait to see. May result in devastating rain in Southern Districts of India and Kerala. In my estimate, though it appears to move west, it will come back to land slightly or stay there and pour it out. On the east coast, there may be occasional rain with clear periods in between, until the next formation takes shape near Andamans - signs are there.
Nov 29, 2017

Well defined low pressure sure exists. It is windy at Madras and Pondicherry, it is a good sign - easterly. Let us again hope that this will form into a productive system. Rains of low to moderate intensity possible in coastal area for now.
Nov 27, 2017
9:30 AM

No change from last night.
Nov 26, 2017

Not more than drizzles in Chennai with occasional moderate isolated rains. Southern Tamil Nadu should be getting good rains tonight.
Nov 24, 2017
8:45 AM

Intense build up of low pressure. Heavy rains expected in Srilanka, coastal Tamil Nadu in the next few days.
Nov 23, 2017
9:15 AM

Still we are not fortunate enough to get that well deserved rain. We have to wait and see. Hope we dont end up buying water in trucks in a few months now. It is getting a bit too late now already. Hopefully next week will be a productive one.
Nov 22, 2017
9:15 AM
I am giving this update after almost a week because only now, there is some significant "priming up" in nature. The sudden land temperature (Pani)drop triggered fear that rainy season is ending prematurely but not so. We can expect significant rain in the coastal regions of the peninsula in 4-5 days time. Prediction can be fine tuned as we go along.
Nov 14, 2017

Enjoy the high resolution image from Meteor-M2 Russian satellite. One pixel is one Kilometer.
The storm has moved north to Andhra, Orissa Coast. Chennai will continue to get rain in the form of drizzle for few more hours, clear out for some time and then more rain is possible towards late evening / Night. Isolated rains in low intensity possible in other parts of Tamil Nadu
Nov 13, 2017
3:15 pm

There is a tendency for the low pressure to move north. In any case, it doesnt look like there will be significant rain anywhere. Stiff cold winds in TN continues. This is not good.
Nov 13, 2017
9:10 AM

While everyone is expecting that there will be rains and Chennai water storage lakes will get their water, we are not seeing that. This is due to the biting cold that has set in over land region now. This cold usually sets in December but it is early. I expect that this condition will reverse soon and quantity of rain will increase in coming days.
Nov 12, 2017
7:00 AM

Nov 11, 2017
3:30 PM

Quite normal forecast. Rain may pick up by evening / night.
Nov 10, 2017
3:30 PM

The picture on the right is quite self explanatory :-)
Nov 10, 2017

On the right is visual image from NOAA satellite. Interesting picture showing clouds and eastern sun causing shadows this early morning. Some rainfall as usual expected in Tamil Nadu east coast. Chennai to remain cloudy with drizzles to moderate rain by evening.
In spite of recent heavy rains, Chennai water situation is bad. We still have to buy water in trucks!
Nov 9, 2017

Formation of the first real storm looking system in Bay of Bengal. We have to wait and follow the progress of this storm.

In all likelihood, this system will make its way to the east coast of Tamil Nadu.
Nov 8, 2017
9:00 AM

Mostly clear weather over entire Tamil Nadu.
Nov 7, 2017
 7:30 PM

Clear weather expected in Chennai, Rains for Tuticorin, Rameswaram, Kanya Kumari up to Madurai in the North.
Nov 7, 2017
9:45 AM

Rains for today in Chennai and suburbs, lasting for 4-5 hours, with a chance for more towards the evening / late evening. Rains for Tiruchirapalli, Sri Rangam and suburbs.
Nov 6, 2017
8:45 PM

Significant change from the previous observation. Clouds thinning out.

Image from Russian Meteor-MN2 satellite.

Nov 6, 2017
6:15 PM

Intense rain in store for south Tamil Nadu. Chennai and Eastern  Tamil Nadu will get rains tonight. Kerala and Coastal Karnataka are in for another spell with a lot of rain in Cauvery catchment areas.
Nov 6, 3:20 PM

Not much rain is on the cards as it is on the reducing side. Best time for farmers to start sowing paddy crops (Samba) in Cauvery Delta region.

More updates by 7:00 PM
Nov 5, 2017
7:00 PM

Not much change from the previous forecast but the rain appears to be reducing. It will continue to reduce in the coming days.
Nov 5, 2017
3:28 PM

No appreciable rainfall anywhere in TN for the next few hours is the current forecast. Drizzles possible in Chennai region and slight rain possible in southern districts.
Pressure changes are very rapid and hence stay tuned for frequent updates.
Nov 4, 2017
3:30 PM

Rains to continue in coastal Tamil Nadu. No significant change from Morning. Moderate to Heavy rains expected as usual in Chennai and Pondicherry after 8:00 PM today.
Nov 4, 2017
7:15 AM

Chennai and suburbs right smack in the middle of heavy cloud system. Expect more rain for 1 more day (today) and tonight. Rains may be drizzles to moderate rain, picking up in intensity later in the evening.

Rains possible in southern peninsular tip, Madurai and Cauvery Delta region.
Nov 03, 2017
 3:50 PM

Some respite for Chennai after last night's battering. Again, rains possible for coastal Tamil Nadu, including Chennai. Chennai rains may start late in the evening today.
Nov 02 2017
3:30 PM

Heavy rains expected over coastal Tamil Nadu and Chennai.
July 25, 2017
9:15 AM

Tamil Nadu is the hottest region in India right now!
July 19, 2017
9:30 AM

South west monsoon active over coastal Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. Heavy rains expected in Bombay in the next 12-24 hours.

Chennai - it will remain partially cloudy with chances of drizzle this evening / night.
July 12, 2017
4:00 PM

Rain may continue for mid and southern part of Tamil Nadu. South of Chennai, Pondicherry, Cudallore and most of coastal Tamil nadu will receive sporadic rains.


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